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Paternity Testing Simply Means Establishing Fatherhood...
Everyone is born with a unique genetic blueprint known as DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid). Because DNA is passed down from the mother and father to a child, DNA identification provides a conclusive way to determine biological relationships. Consequently, DNA testing has become the most accepted method to determine identity within the legal and scientific communities.
You will find no more accurate method for determining paternity than the technology utilized by Drug Testing USA's laboratories. The patented system was developed specifically for paternity testing, and is the most advanced and powerful method available today, with results accepted by courts in the U.S. and abroad.
Using this technology, if the DNA of the Alleged Father and Child matches, the probability that he is the biological father is typically over 99.9999%. Conversely, if there are mismatches between the DNA of an Alleged Father and Child, he is 100% excluded from being the biological father.
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For more information about the latest technology in DNA Paternity Testing, visit our DNA website at www.paternitytestingusa.com


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