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    Guide on Treatment and Care for Alcohol Addiction


    Alcohol addiction does not only affect the user, and that is why it is often a friend or family members who try and look at the treatment options for their loved ones. Treating an alcoholic is not easy and requires the service of a professional counselor.

    It is for this reason that most alcoholic are taken to rehabilitation centers where they can get help. But how can you find the right treatment and care of the addicted persons? This guide will help you get the right treatment and care of an addicted person.

    Researching for Treatment Options

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    Treatment of alcohol addiction varies depending on the level of addiction and may include a combination of inpatient and outpatient programs, detoxification, medication, and counselling. For instance, those who have chronic alcohol addiction can be enrolled in inpatient facility where they can receive 24 hour medical and therapeutic care.

    On the other hand, those with mild addiction can be enrolled in an outpatient facility where they will receive similar services like the one in inpatient facilities except that they can be allowed to go home and continue with their routine cores.

    Another possible treatment option is residential treatment where an individual can be treated in a non-hospital environment. Once the treatment option has been identified, it is essential to know the cost of each treatment option before the patient is enroll into a facility.

    Planning and Executing an Intervention

    Convincing an addict to go to a rehab may not be a walk in the path, Often times, such efforts are met with a lot of resistance from the addicted individuals and forcing them may not be an option. Positive intervention, is therefore the best way to approach an addict.

    Intervention is the opportunity to them know how you feel about their situation and that you are willing to support them throughout the treatment period and thereafter. Also let them know that you can help them overcome their situation and get them back to their normal life.

    When planning an intervention, make sure you understand each step of the process and have a good plan by writing down a few useful points which you intend to talk about. Once you are through with the plan, it is now time to execute the plan.

    Invite a few family members and friends and let the addict know why you find it necessary to enroll him or her into a rehabilitation facility. If the execution is successful, make plans and enroll them in a rehabilitation center.

    Getting Into Treatment

    When the addicts agree to go to the rehab, arrange for their enrollment into a rehab facility when they are still high in spirits. Consult the relevant authorities, and if possible arrange for their enrollment the same day before they change their mind.

    Make sure that the facility is equipped with relevant materials and experienced staff who can address all aspects of their lives and not just alcohol abuse and addiction. At the rehab center, they will undergo all the treatment procedure till they are fit to be released back to the society.
    As they continue with the treatment, visit them and show some support as well as encouraging them to complete the treatment.

    Learning and Preparing for Aftercare Treatment

    Treating alcohol addiction may not be the hardest part. In fact, the greatest task is taking care of them after treatment. If proper care is not given to them after treatment, they are likely to get back to alcohol and succumb to addiction.

    It is, therefore, important that you learn about better ways of taking care of post-rehab victims. Seek the help of professional counselors and perform each role in accordance to their guide. You can as well seek the services of the available support groups that help in taking care of post-rehab individuals.

    In addition to that, you should find time and hang out with these victims as it will help keep their thoughts away from alcohol. Find time to go for a walk, bicycle riding, swimming, play football or other games, and hiking among other activities to help engage and rebuild their mind and thoughts about alcohol abuse.

    Addiction is a devastating condition and watching your friend or family member drown in the sea of alcohol addiction can be stressful and painful. If you have a friend or family member who is suffering from alcohol addiction, don’t let perish into addiction. Take action today. Alcohol addiction can be treated.

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    What are the Adverse Effects of Alcohol Addiction?

    Alcohol is one of the most dangerous and addictive drug in the world, with close to 10% of the world’s population suffering from alcohol addiction. From the first sip of alcohol an individual takes to the hundreds of bottles consumed yearly, this powerful drug has adverse effects not only on the body and brain of the user, but also the general lifestyle of an individual. Drinking once in a while may not be bad but when it reaches the addiction level, it may be dangerous. Below are some of the adverse effects of alcohol addiction.

    Effects on the Family

    Alcohol addiction not only affects the user but also the entire family. Alcoholic addicts have higher risks of being involved in domestic violence and eventually divorce. effects of alcohol on the brainWhen couples stay together and one or both are addicted to alcohol, alcohol puts a strain on the relationship and eventually it collapses.

    One of the spouses can be codependent and start to take responsibilities of all the work at home. For instance, if a father is addicted to alcohol, he may not be able to work and fend his family, forcing the woman to take responsibilities of all the work. The same applies to an alcoholic woman.

    The family members of the addict can also be stressed up when they see their son or daughter drowning in the river of alcoholism. It causes much pain and stress to see your son, daughter, brother, sister, or any close relatively living with the consequences of alcohol addiction.

    When a parent or both are alcoholics, the children too are not spared. Most children of alcoholic parents are at a higher risk of child neglect or abuse. They also face a higher risk of alcohol abuse later in their life as well as a lasting emotional trauma.

    Liver Damage

    The liver is the main organ that breaks down and removes harmful substances from the body. Increased usage of alcohol affects the liver thus interfering with the liver functions. It also increases the risk of liver inflammation and liver disease known as liver cirrhosis. As the liver increasingly become damaged, it ability to remove toxic substances from the body is lowered and this may leading to death due to buildup of toxic compounds in the body.

    Alcohol Dependency

    As a result of alcohol addiction, some people may develop a physical and emotional dependency on alcohol, meaning they can perform any task before drinking alcohol. This can be very detrimental on an individual’s life, especially at the workplace where people are required in to be in a sober state.

    Reproductive Health

    People who drink think that alcohol can help lower their inhibitions and have more fun in bed. The truth is men who drink are at a risk of developing erectile dysfunction as well as preventing the production of sex hormone and lowering libido. There are also high chances of being infertile in both men and women. For pregnant women, it can result in premature delivery, stillbirth, or even miscarriage.

    Immune System

    Taking excess alcohol affects the body’s natural immune system, hence making it more difficult for the body to fight the pathogens causing diseases. When the body is not capable of fight germs and viruses, then an individual is at a risk of getting dangerous infections that can easily cause death.

    Alcohol addiction is very dangerous, but the good news is that it can be treated. If you have a friend or a family member who is struggling with alcohol addiction, never give up on them. There is always a way to help them recover from alcohol addiction and live a normal life. There are several rehabilitation centers with professionals that will help them recover from the effects of alcohol.